Core Values

Our core values represent more than 25 years of Polestar history and behavior distilled down into what best represents the essence of the company.  These core values guide our decision-making, the kind of work and the quality of work we do, and our interactions with employees, partners and clients.

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    Building Enduring Relationships with Employees, Partners, and Clients

    We value building long-term relationships with employees, partner companies and clients that share similar values and ethics

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    Unwavering Honesty and Integrity

    Always do the right thing

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    "Fine" isn't good enough

    Always do your best

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    Make the World a Better Place

    Everything we do should make a positive impact on the world we live in


Applying our collective talents to make a contribution every day.

Our Purpose represents the pride we demonstrate in our day-to-day tasks and the importance of the work we do; whether it’s field work directly associated with cleanup operations, providing support to operations critical to our nation’s nuclear stockpile, working with facilities to help them operate more efficiently, or supporting Polestar corporate functions so that we can continue to do all of these things.  We apply our talents to make these contributions every day.

Our BHAG  (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), “Continue building Polestar Technical Services into a full-service closure company, guiding, executing and delivering successful cleanup outcomes for our clients” is our long-range goal … it’s our vision of Polestar’s future and the value we bring to the industries we support.