Trivia Night Fundraiser with Junior Achievement!

On June 3, Team Polestar participated in Junior Achievement Play 4 JA Virtual Trivia Night benefiting local youths who participate in Junior Achievement.  The event was in lieu of the Junior Achievement annual bowling event that was cancelled due to COVID restrictions; however, the trivia night event did not let down.

A small group of Polestar employees met after work with some snacks ready for the virtual trivia game that included 3 rounds of 20 questions; some easy and some not so easy!  Bill Bailey was our overall winner with the most points for the fastest and correct answers.

Polestar raised donations by asking for a $10 buy in to participate.  We racked up another $250 to add to the 2020/2021 fundraising making the grand total $1,075.00.

A special thank you to Joel Morgan and Tamra Meyer’s of Junior Achievement.  They offered and hosted Polestar’s April Lunch and Learn as well as being our trivia game hostess! Fundraising is tough, especially in a pandemic. We hope it was a very successful event and wish Junior Achievement all the best!

A special thank you to all of Polestar for your continuous support and generosity.